Continuing Pastel Attempts Saga…

Painted? drew? this one quickly with my social art group this evening, getting a little closer to some kind of control with these things.

Fabulous coloured-bogeys too. Bonus.



Baby Fairy Wren…

I LOVE painting Wrens, I love watching them and I love taking photos of them. Logan has a wide variety of many of Australia’s species. here’s one I’m finishing up at the moment…

Acrylic/oils on canvas panel 10×12″


Carn Brae- watercolours

Carn Brae_1_smlCarn Brae_2_sml1

I’ve been messing around with the watercolours for a week or so, will upload more soon, in the meantime, here are a couple of very small watercolour paintings from last year based on photos from my UK trip.

Carn Brae-Cornwall.

Approx. 2 1/2″ or so…

Some progress…

Been working periodically on this one, it’s lovely seeing it come together without a single hitch (touching wood as I say this). Looking forward to doing some more very soon.

oil on canvas.
27 x 20″

from here4_sml