Drawing Quickly… Why?

When I draw, I very rarely pause for thought, there’s a simple reason for that…

Thoughts come and go quickly right? We humans are distracted at the speed of thought and scientists have measured the average amount of thoughts we have in a day, it’s not rocket science to see how and why ‘focus’ eludes many of us.

When I teach, I teach my students to keep their hands on the paper and just fly around, picking up those loose thoughts and get them down as quickly as they can, there are so many benefits of adopting this practice, not least of which is that you simply ‘get more done’ in a shorter span of time. Win-win, right?

People will think at different speeds, I’m under no illusions that my lightning quick responses (laughs) are the same as everyone else, but… Drawing as quickly as you can will most certainly enable you to get those ideas down before they’re lost.

I’ve recorded and posted this morning’s warmup here to give you an idea of what I mean.

Remember… That first line you see is the right one.

If you have any questions. feel free to ask.

Thanks to Kevin Webb for the use of his fabulous photo (again)

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