Salvaging A Failed Painting…

As an artist is always learning at whatever stage of the game, it stands to reason there’ll be a few screwed up pieces of paper and unfinished canvases along the way. This one was almost 5 feet tall when I worked on it, I tried to get it right but it simply wasn’t having a bar of it. I’ve been through this a couple of thousand times or more over the years so naturally, thought nothing of it. Luckily I thought to take a photo of it before I painted over it, and equally lucky that I know my way around a Wacom tablet and painting software. I salvaged it with very little work and I’m happy as a result.

A win.


Here’s the ‘before’ (abandoned) version…


Baby Fairy Wren…

I LOVE painting Wrens, I love watching them and I love taking photos of them. Logan has a wide variety of many of Australia’s species. here’s one I’m finishing up at the moment…

Acrylic/oils on canvas panel 10×12″


Abstract Stuff…

I’m not really known for this sort of thing (mainly because I don’t do a whole lot of it I suspect) – I wanted to try something different from my normal sort of thing, So, here’s what happened…


‘From A Distance’










‘Breaking Down The Walls’



This one may take a while, it’s 4ft tall, didn’t quite realise the work involved, still, getting there slowly… The shot (left) shows how it stands right now, (right) close up of the top portion…

Acrylic on canvas 48×15″