First Gig With The New Band (Complete with Youtube Videos)…

So last night was the night I’d been waiting for for a while. It’s been 17 years since my last (official) gig, with a band, far too long. I have the buzz again and the music is well and truly waiting to come out.
The band (by the name of Silk Road) is (at this point) a covers band. We’re going to be in the studio writing at some point, but playing covers is a great way to hone a sound and get used to working with each other, so, covers it is for now.

So, thanks to:
Mick Edis (Bass)
Claire Hebbourn (Vocals)
Peter FitzGerald (Keyboards)
Randall Harrison (Drums)

It was a great night, guys!

Here are a few of the songs we played…

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