Watercolour Birdies…

I’m currently working on a children’s book in watercolour, my first such attempt, actually. I normally save the watercolours for my own amusement, or one off commissions. It was lovely to use the watercolour-y flow and step straight out of a commission mindset and scratch away at this for a couple of hours. Once I finish this one, there will be more.


On The Drawing Board Right Now…

I’m enjoying this one very much. Currently illustrating a children’s picture book for the wonderful Robin Adolphs. I get to indulge my passion for drawing/painting animals and trees and roots and things. Bliss…
(medium- watercolour



Here’s (another) Unicorn drawing. I need as much help drawing horsies as I can get.
I’m currently busy with commissions and compiling ideas and things for my Kickstarter project, will post more about that soon.