VALIANT facebook page reopened…

With all this VALIANT artwork and my rekindling of the project happening, I thought I’d reopen the facebook VALIANT page. It’s full of old artwork, ideas, animations and tutorials etc.

feel free to pop over and hit ‘like’ if you like it.

See you there?

This one’s a tonal sketch for an upcoming painting…


The Fantasy Artroom KIckstarter Is On A Roll…

After a day, the pledges have begun rolling in…. If you’d like to be involved, please repost the links, pledge, share to your Facebook wall (etc), every little helps. The book is being developed for beginner to intermediate students who love fantasy art, but not limited to fantasy art. he techniques in the book will be useful across a whole range of genres and the mediums covered are pencil, pen and ink and watercolour.
Click on the video below to find out more.

Thanks, In Advance!