An Elven Swan Princess (Close Up)…

swan closeup…If your eyesight is like mine and not what it used to be…


Lunchtime Sketchings…

Just a simple lunchtime doodle, no pressure stuff… Coming to the end of the book now, off to the printers soon, hopefully.



Miss Lothlorien 2013

Young Ivy here loves wants world peace, equal rights for Unicorns and loves a hot curry on a Friday night…


Making Music…


I liked this sketch so I thought I’d add some colour….


An Owl And a Maiden…

Couple of new sketches…
(yes they are available for purchase… feel free to email for details)


Elven maiden_sml


Work In Progress…

I have a lot of stuff happening right now. If you’ve seen any of my recent posts you’ll know I have an exhibition coming up. I’ve been absolutely inspired lately and am playing things by ear. I haven’t made a shortlist of art to exhibit yet so I’m frantically painting away to see which ones resonate the most with me. I started this one earlier this morning and have spent approx. 4 hours on it so far, the fact that I’ve done this much in such a short space of time leads me to conclude that I’ll probably be exhibiting this. (oils).



A Little Dude on a Dragonfly….

Here’s a sketch from earlier today….











And here’s what happened after I scribbled some ink over it…


Last Doodle Of The Day….

I’ve been hard at wok on my latest project all day and wanted to draw a ‘just because’ drawing. This is it…..



Pigeon Rider…. finished.

Spent a few hours on this one last night and a few minutes finishing it off this morning. Posted it up on Facebook and it sold within minutes. Isn’t the internet wonderful!



On The Drawing Board (today)….

Fitting these paintings in around commissioned work (keeps me sane). watercolour/gouache.

And here’s the painting from yesterday completed…