Crow’s Nest…

Just finished this one for the book I’m working on (which I’ll post more about when I’m allowed). I’ve never had so much fun with a project, the impossible angle here posed a little bit of a challenge and I’m not sure it’s ‘entirely’ realistic but what the heck, it’s for a children’s book, and it does the trick (imho 🙂

Crows nest

And this one (below), is a screenshot of a small vignette I’m working on of a bunch of pirates with faces obviously made for radio. fun fun fun…



More Pirate Stuff…

I’ve been working on my latest illustrative effort (see earlier posts). It’s a book about pirates (written by the wonderful robin Adolphs) and it’s been a LOT of fun to illustrate so far. Below is a portion of the cover art, it’s come a long way since the early sketches…

Here’s a progression…

cover rough idea1

cover rough idea2

cover rough idea4

cover rough idea6

cover rough idea7

cover progress2.jpg

Paper Planes…

Mind Map23_sml1Finished this one off today after a few days away, lovely to come back home and work on something bright and breezy. Wouldn’t it be great to fold up a large piece of paper, grab a pet and fly around like a kid? (my idea of a good time 😀


Winged Fantasy…

Just received complimentary copies of my new colouring book from Dover Publications (NY). Very happy with how these have turned out!

Available from, Book Depository, Dover Publications themselves  and all good book stores!


The Fantasy Artroom- Sample Pages….

I’m currently in the process of laying out ‘The Fantasy Artroom’, my successfully #funded #Kickstarter project:

We still have ten days #funding to go and I thought it’d be appropriate to add a couple of interior pages so people can view them, find out what all the book is all about.

**Note** Backers of a hard copy of the book now receive an #exclusive print, (see previous post)…And if we hit the stretch goals, there’ll be another one, please feel free to pass the news on to anyone who you feel would be interested!

drawing trees1_sml