Little Steps…

I enjoy documenting the steps I take when I work, it’s good to look back over what you do and a) See the journey and b) It helps you to appreciate that a good working method really does achieve results.

(see previous post for a closer view)

Watercolours on Arches 300gsm Hot Press paper.



Watercolour Birdies…

I’m currently working on a children’s book in watercolour, my first such attempt, actually. I normally save the watercolours for my own amusement, or one off commissions. It was lovely to use the watercolour-y flow and step straight out of a commission mindset and scratch away at this for a couple of hours. Once I finish this one, there will be more.


Warming Up…


I have a LOT of work on at the moment and I kind of have to stay as sharp as I can, no point rolling out of bed, all bleary-eyed and stumbling into the studio to begin working on my commissioned stuff if I’m all tired and rusty.
After a quick cup of coffee this morning I sat down and doodled these, approx. 25 mins of sketching. It’s evident that after I sketched the first page, I was substantially more ‘warmed up’, the second page (with the birds) shows much more confident and more honed lines.
Wildlife books provide great reference for this kind of thing…
btw, I used my new Bosto Kingtee to draw these, (see earlier post for a video demo)