I worked in an art and framing store not long after I arrived in Australia 16 1/2 years ago. I did a lot of learning in that period having bought up all manner of mediums (due to being able to purchase at cost price, a luxury, truly) Anyway… prior to that I worked predominantly in black and white, pen and ink, pencils… I took a shine to acrylics straight away but they didn’t say what I wanted to say at the time, and dried all dull, oils were lovely but I found they made me cough, gave me skin irritations and made my hands all puffy. Water-based oils back then were a novelty more than a decent way to paint. Then came watercolour… My favourite. I avoided them like a plague. Far too hit and miss for a control-freak like me, but I caved in and they’re now my favourite medium of them all.

Then there’s pastel…

Hmmm… I think I like the idea of pastels more than the reality. That said, I’m bashing away with them. Dealing with the dust issues and the mess, the coughing… My lungs must look pretty right now. Anyway, I’m still trying. Here’s my 5th ever pastel attempt. There are a few little passages in this sketch that I like, at least I’ve learned by now, that it’s all about trial and error and working on weaknesses and playing on strengths. More? Mayebe…

pastel beach


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