Thought I’d simplify things this morning. I began this idea yesterday and felt obliged to see it through to completion. Here’s how it came into being…


  1. The rough idea. Just scribbling the elements of the image down, letting it happen…

badgers hide and seek2_smlTightening things up a little, also thinking in terms of tone…

badgers hide and seek5_sml

Taking the overall thing a few steps further. The image is tightening up a lot more, giving me more to work with and the direction of the overall image…

badgers hide and seek7sml

Here’s how things look before I begin adding the colour in photoshop. I knew I didn’t want any cross-hatching or any elaborate linework so, keeping things as simple as possible…

badgers hide and seek_sml

And here’s how things ended up…

badgers hide and seek12_sml1


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