Tonalist Sunset…

I’ve become very interested in a tonalist approach to painting, and to be honest, I feel I’ve been applying many of it’s philosophies throughout my time painting. As much as I love detail sometimes, the pure bliss of laying colours down this way really appeals to me. The work of the American Landscape master George Inness has really knocked me on my bum. The guy was incredible, a fellow Taurus and more importantly, a truth seeker, a seeker of life’s mysteries… his work and his unique approach to life really moves me. I expect to be making a lot of paintings in this manner in the future.

oil on board

8 1/4 x 11 3/4″



New Blog…

I’m currently running a new blog for a new project I have on the go, here’s one I’m currently working on, you can find out about what I’m up to more


Berrinba update



I’ve spent a while on this one today, calling it done. Enjoyed it immensely and can see me doing more of this kind of thing…

acrylics/oils on canvas 24 x 36″