This is how I make so much more progress in such a short space of time. These small paintings help to try out new things in a sort of ‘no pressure’ situation. Rather than working on huge masterpieces, I find it helps to have a few smaller works (these are approx. 7 x 9″ each) and try out new mediums, new subject matter and new techniques, the results are often surprising and really help your work in the long run.

oil on board




8 thoughts on “Small Paintings…

  1. I love it! Great plan. I started out working really big and have been painting smaller and smaller. Soon I will be painting postage stamps. 😊 I like that it’s quicker, lower pressure, and less expensive. You can try lots of ideas. 👍 Your paintings are beautiful.

    1. Thank you Jill. I do enjoy painting small and for these reasons, seems no point in wasting large canvases on experimental stuff. I do enjoy painting large, huge even, when the stars are aligned. Thanks for the lovely comments, you do some pretty wonderful stuff too!

  2. Great idea and this is a lovely piece as a result of it; I’m going to give it a go and hopefully manage to knock some work out at a faster rate, thanks for sharing!

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