Sketching Ballerinas…

I’ve been drawing and sketching ballerinas for 25 years or so to improve my figure drawing, seeking out those lines and getting to grips with them really helps. Recommended 🙂




Small Paintings…

This is how I make so much more progress in such a short space of time. These small paintings help to try out new things in a sort of ‘no pressure’ situation. Rather than working on huge masterpieces, I find it helps to have a few smaller works (these are approx. 7 x 9″ each) and try out new mediums, new subject matter and new techniques, the results are often surprising and really help your work in the long run.

oil on board



A Sleeping Beauty…

I have three paintings, in various stages of completion, of this lovely lady on the go right now, it’s a joy to work on some figurative stuff…

thanks to for the use of the beautiful photos.

sleeping beauty_sml20150823_223141_sml20160424_000907_sml


Wildflowers- Some Progress…

I started work on this one months ago, have recently been tinkering with it, very happy to have the oils out on it now as I went as far as I could with acrylics, which is great for the underlayers, but the oils somehow make the painting come alive, as well as being beautiful to work with- Here’s how it’s looking so far…

acrylics/oils on canvas 24 x 24″


Lots Of Little Stones…

REALLY enjoyed working on this, I found a zen sort of space in myself and took full advantage, I recommend trying these sorts of subjects, they’re not as tricky as they look but they do take a little applying of oneself…

oil on panel 13 x 13″



Abstract Stuff…

I’m not really known for this sort of thing (mainly because I don’t do a whole lot of it I suspect) – I wanted to try something different from my normal sort of thing, So, here’s what happened…


‘From A Distance’










‘Breaking Down The Walls’