Tweeting and Fakebooking and pinning and all that other stuff. I’ve suffered with a sensory overload and am backing off for a while.

I’ve connected my wordpress site with my Fakebook page so people can view my art and other goings on. I’d like to limit the amount of time I spend on these sites but hopefully will be somewhat filling the void I’d (apparently) leave if I quit the pages altogether.

Many thanks to friends and followers for their comments, they mean a lot, each and every one of them was taken onboard. A big thank you particularly, to those who suggested I may be able to post from afar, so I’ve chosen to do it via this blog. Makes sense, don’t know why I didn’t do it before.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


4 thoughts on “Taking A Break…

  1. I think social media just highlighted a problem of interpersonal relations: people always want to be seen as a produced image of themselves and never show the reality. So in the life outside internet we’re always going to meet not persons but images that distorts the being in the words or appearance, for that I only give importance to actions.
    (and by the way was great to find your drawings in the suggestions of my reader)

    1. To me, Facebook and the like are forcing people into this virtual world that doesn’t exist and yes, I agree, people only project what they want people to see although I think more of the person would be readily apparent in ‘real’ life.

  2. I often have to take a break. It’s good to do a variety of things. Too much of a good thing (and social media has plenty good in it) can be a not so good thing. Enjoy your break. : )

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