I’m enjoying working with watercolour at the moment, but finding scanning/taking working pics increasingly frustrating. With this one, I scanned the original  art  in and am finishing it off digitally. I’m not a fan of the digital ‘look’, all that slick, shiny stuff doesn’t do it for me personally. It’s always my goal to have my art, whether trad. or digital, have something of an organic look about it.

here I’m adding the line work in Sketchbook Pro. Great program, very intuitive…



6 thoughts on “In Progress…

  1. Just curious, why Sketchbook Pro vs. Photoshop? Are you using it on a PC/Mac? I have a version on my phone and iPad and it’s nice for me for scribbling down doodles and ideas, I hadn’t even thought it might be something to try out on my PC.

    1. Well,

      Sketchbook Pro is far more intuitive than photoshop. It ‘feels’ like real time drawing, there’s something in that program I’ve not found in ANY of the others, and I have most of the top drawing/painting programs. I would recommend it to anyone who draws digitally. The apps on the ipad are pretty good but, armed with a tablet and a pc/mac, the experience is FAR superior.

        1. That’s the thing, if it works for you keep using it. I’m always on the lookout for a digital set up that feels more organic. I don’t get that from photoshop, personally.

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