Roots- Lots of Roots…

Finished this one.


I’ve also uploaded the before and after shot. You can see that I literally ‘drew’ with the ink. Lots of fun, a little scary, but worth the challenge…


(apologies for the watermark, some people can’t be trusted)


Trollwood- And an Interview With Me, Narnia, Fantasy Art and More…

My new pal, Michael has a new Australia-based website called Trollwood, the site is selling all things fantastical, go and check it out:

And here’s the link to the interview we made:

Lots and Lots Of Squiggly Little Lines…

Here’s what I have on the drawing board right now. I’ve needed lots of breaks away from this, hurts my poor eyes after a while 😀

on teh drawing board_29thMarch2015_sml



On The Drawing Board…

Back into the fantasy stuff again. I’m currently working on bits and pieces for the new publisher of ‘The Fantasy Artroom’. This is one I worked on but discarded, wasn’t quite what we were after. Still, it has a certain charm…

cover ink and wc2_sml



Here’s one I’ve been working on over the past couple of days.



Sylvia’s Itch and Scribbling Away In The Corner…

Went to the book launch for my latest illustrated book yesterday, entitled ‘Sylvia’s Itch’, about a pair of Australian sugar gliders. Had a great time catching up with and meeting new people…

I painted this canvas whilst I was there. Managed to scratch something coherent out in the time I spent on it… Can’t wait to get on and finish it. (acrylics)

The book (btw) is available from the lovely Robin Adolphs:

Sugar Gliders1_sml