Sorry it’s been so long… Been very busy. here’s something I have on the go right now for the ‘Fantasy Artroom’ book…



2 thoughts on “It’s Been A While…

  1. Morning Aaron

    I like your pictures. When will you be finished “Lucinda” ?, I think that the Mermaid with the flowing long red hair and amulets looks like a ” Lucinda”. Where can you purchase amulets these days? You don;t happen to have a jewellery design range going as well do you? They are hard to find you know. Anyway, love your work. I like the” elf mother with baby boy “. It is so ‘beautiful” and really captures the spirit and love between a mother and her baby son. I saw it in ath the “Bookstore, Jimboomba” and was drawn to it as soon as I walked in the door.

    1. Morning to you too, Linda.

      I’m afraid I don’t have a jewelry line, it’s a great idea though…
      So glad you like that painting, I recently painted it properly for a client, thoroughly enjoyed the experience…

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