My latest work. Started this last night and finished it this morning. I enjoyed this a lot and may well have to keep this Mermaid theme running for a while. (watercolour on Arches 300gsm hot press)






7 thoughts on “A Mermaid… Progress.

  1. Beautiful. I always check your webpage in the morning and often, your art makes my day bit brighter, more cheerfull. I also dabble into art as hobby and the works I see here inspire me to try again and again when I fail. Thanks a lot for that.

  2. I love this. I find I am working more and more with the colours of the sea. I live on the edge of the desert in Luxor where everything is a shade of brown, so sea colours are colours I am craving! Plus, I am trying to drag my artisitc confidence up from my own depths so that I can illustrate my own stories! I am finding much inspiration in your work. Many thanks indeed. It is so beautiful!

    1. You should write too… Your words and thoughts are very poetic! I live in Australia, and I’m formerly from the UK, here in Queensland we have various shades of brown and beige, I too find myself missing colour. I paint a lot of landscapes using the greens of back home. Thank you for your kind words!

      1. Thank you…that is nice to hear. I do write but am trying to paint the images in my head for the stories. 🙂 I was born in Australia to Irish parents, who then moved back to Ireland. I lived there, and in Spain for thirty years before moving to Winchester, UK. Now I live here in Egypt where there is plenty of time for creativity!
        Thanks for your inspiration!

  3. Receiving one of your blog post notifications is always like getting a wee Christmas or birthday present unexpectedly. I grew up at the Baltic Sea coast, not a million miles away from Denmark where of course the “real” little mermaid sits and contemplates the world every day. You are one of my favourite illustrators of all time and as soon as my book sales pick up, I’ll be pestering you to do a book cover for me for the next instalment in the series!

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