I painted this one, hot on the heels of the one I posted earlier. I used Arches hot press paper this time, I think I prefer the fabriano I used for the other one…



2 thoughts on “Stones, a paintbrush and a pencil…

  1. Great drawings and paintings!!! Are you using gouache with the watercolor in this one? Really like the loose but so accurate depiction of the light hitting the pencil, the reflections in the ferrule! One of my all time favorite books has got to be Alan Lee’s “Fairies”. He must have been one of your mentors!

    1. Thankyou Peter! I painted this entirely in watercolour, apart from some white sections. I’m not a purist by I try as hard as I can. Alan lee? He’s God. I have lots of his books. The Mabinogion is his best work in my opinion, I don’t think he’s topped that.

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