Todays doodlings…

I made a smal sketch yesterday and took it a little further today…



Dancing Ladies….

I rekindled an old love last night. I used to draw ballerinas all the time in my 20’s, something about the grace of the ladies and the challenge of the lines. I polished off 8 of these pages in an hour. I’ll definately be doing more, great practise!


Art Sale….

I’m currently in the process of putting a new blog together. It’ll house many of the sketches, drawings, paintings and hand-coloured line art I have for sale. I’m having a studio clear out and will offer the artwork at fabulous prices. I’ll post the details here in a day or two, so if you’re interested in snagging a bargain, keep your eyes peeled!

Here’s one of the pieces that’ll be available…



I’ve just been away for a few days, managed to fill a few pages of my sketchbook whilst I was there. Here’re a few pages of hands. (Can never work too much on yer weaknessees…).


Into The Woods…

I first started workon this one 3-4 years ago, it’s been sitting in the corner of my studio ever since calling at me, I finally feel as though the time is right to get back onto it. Here’s what’s happening with it so far… (oils).

(model –