I’ve been so very inspired lately, so inspired in fact, that much of my older work is hanging over me like some dark cloud that keeps on raining. So I’ve been through my website, been through my blog here and taken down all the pieces that no longer serve me. My apologies to those people who find what I’ve just done a tad offensive, but one has to do what one has to do- so I did what I did. (chuckles).

There’ll be much more art, the flavour may change a little but it’ll still be just me, drawing and painting, as I do, just with more care, and of a higher quality. Stick around….


2 thoughts on “Old Posts…

  1. Hey Aaron,
    good decision, your blog also serves as a portfolio and you should only show your best work.

    But do keep these works! You know, you’ll enjoy seeing them again in the future 🙂

    I’ve always loved your work but I have seen you improve. You used to have one way of depicting wrinkles in cloth; a cylinder-like shape wrapped around an arm or leg, now you apply many different ones. And your color! Massive improvement.

    Do keep these drawings!

    1. Hi Ayal,

      Thanks for the comments….
      Of course I’ll keep the drawings. I have the originals of many of them lying around and they’re all on hard drives.

      I’ve seen the improvements, but I’m mostly feeling the potential right now. The stuff I’ve posted (to date) doesn’t live up to what I see, expect from myself…

      Hope you have a fabulous week!

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