The New Book Is Now Available!

It’s been a while, my apologies. head down bum up for far too long. The reason is simple, my new book, THE FANTASY ARTROOM is now available for purchase. You can order (via paypal) directly from here:

Happy to sign and personalise them.


More mermaids…

Working on another mermaid for the ‘Fantasy Artroom’ book. Really enjoying this one. Using watercolours on Arches 300gsm hot pressed watercolour paper here…

mermaid_gulls10_adding darks

The Fantasy Artroom KIckstarter Is On A Roll…

After a day, the pledges have begun rolling in…. If you’d like to be involved, please repost the links, pledge, share to your Facebook wall (etc), every little helps. The book is being developed for beginner to intermediate students who love fantasy art, but not limited to fantasy art. he techniques in the book will be useful across a whole range of genres and the mediums covered are pencil, pen and ink and watercolour.
Click on the video below to find out more.

Thanks, In Advance!



Just a quick heads up…
My kickstarter ‘How To’ book goes live on the 15th November, If you’d like to find out what it’s all about, I’ll post the video here on that date, feel free to back it, repost the video, pass around details etc… I think this is going to be a good one!


Painting Bran the Badger In Watercolour.

A short video demo, painting one of my VALIANT characters in watercolour…

Using winsor and newton paints, a wonderful hand made kolinsky sable brush-made by David Jackson (the BrushMan), and Canson 300gsm watercolour paper.

Watercolour Doodlings…

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, I’ve been busy with commissioned projects. Here are a couple of VALIANT watercolour doodles I’ve worked on to warm up with.


finn jumping colours3_sml1


Eastern Water Dragon…


Every now and again I’ll have a root through my hard drives, looking for something and come across an old drawing or painting I’ve filed away. I found this one and thought I’d post it here. It harks back to the days when I spent a lot of time painting and drawing wildlife. this one’s an eastern Water Dragon from here in Australia… (watercolour/gouache)


I’m working digitally on most of my commissioned work at the moment which always leaves me desperate to paint traditionally, I satisfied that urge in front of the telly last night with my watercolours, painting this small scene- 5 1/2 x 4″. (It’ll appear larger here than the original.)


Dr. Martins Inks…

tree bloke_colours_sml

I was recently lucky enough to have won a set of inks by the brilliant U.S. based manufacturer, Dr. Martins. They’re so much fun to use. I usually paint away at this kind of thing with watercolours, the technique is similar but has a few differences that sets it apart not least of which is the drying time…so much quicker. I’m very much looking forward to having some time to spend with these at some point…

(As always, the art is available to purchase, message me for details)

A Mermaid… Progress.

My latest work. Started this last night and finished it this morning. I enjoyed this a lot and may well have to keep this Mermaid theme running for a while. (watercolour on Arches 300gsm hot press)





Work In Progress…

I have a lot of stuff happening right now. If you’ve seen any of my recent posts you’ll know I have an exhibition coming up. I’ve been absolutely inspired lately and am playing things by ear. I haven’t made a shortlist of art to exhibit yet so I’m frantically painting away to see which ones resonate the most with me. I started this one earlier this morning and have spent approx. 4 hours on it so far, the fact that I’ve done this much in such a short space of time leads me to conclude that I’ll probably be exhibiting this. (oils).


Pigeon Rider…. finished.

Spent a few hours on this one last night and a few minutes finishing it off this morning. Posted it up on Facebook and it sold within minutes. Isn’t the internet wonderful!


Digital Preliminary…

Here’s the digital rough for a new painting, it’s great to work an image out in this way, irons out the kinks etc. Of course, things’ll change between this and the painting (to be tackled in acrylics)… the model is the very lovely Janna-

Scratched Away At This Some More….

Moving into the fine details now… having to focus and not only look at the image as a whole, see how it all fits together, but also having to home in on those areas that require attention, and there are still many, many more. I’ll be putting this to one side for a day or two and look at it with fresh eyes.


I’ve spent 3-4 hours on this one since the last post and a client has just gotten back to me with a change that needs to be made to an illustration sooo (real work’s calling)… here’s where this one stands right now… The model is the wonderful Ida –












Here’s a close-up of the owl so far…

Rest Stop…


here’s my newest painting (so far). I’ve decided to pull my finger out and paint some canvases, I miss the freeing aspects of painting this way, I sit down for far too long every day, whether it be in front of the computer-working digitally, or scratching away at a pen and ink drawing… Waving ones arms around with a brush loaded with paint is a very fun diversion. I spent 6-7 hours on this one yesterday, I’m hoping to do the same today. Will post progress shots as I go…

The model is the lovely Ida (