Watercolour Warmups…

As I’ve been working on my most recent children’s book in watercolour, it stands to reason that I should get into the right frame of mind with a loosening up session. I painted both of these this morning, both very enjoyable. I’ll do this more often…


feathers2_sml dandelion_sml

Oil Painting…

I often have something on the go I just add a little to here and there. This one’s been sitting for a while. I find it very enjoyable to tinker in between other things I have on the go, watching it slowly evolve… (oils) . The model for the figure is the very lovely Alexandra- http://sitara-leotastock.deviantart.com


The Fantasy Artroom.

It’s been a little while since I posted about my new book here. The Fantasy artroom has been winging it’s way around the globe for 3-4 months, and right now, I’m in the process of putting a youtube channel together, I’ve updated the website, I now have the Facebook page up and running. Can I ask, if you like what you see, or if you’ve bought a copy of the book, that you spread the word. I’m hoping the project grows into more publications, more How To’ videos and more workshops. If you’d like to find out more, check out these links:




And if you needed to know anything that hasn’t been covered already, wanted to arrange workshops etc, please feel free to contact me.


Being Superhuman, Is wearing thin…

I’m a creative individual. Actually, I’m a VERY creative individual. I have ideas and abilities, never a shortage of inspiration, usually I act on them. Right now, I’m beat, wiped out. Recent situations and life circumstances have worn me down and forced me to take a long hard look at my life and the way I’m leading it. I’m letting my muse go on her much needed holiday, I think I’ll take one too. I can’t remember that last time I just did nothing for the sake of it. I used to be an expert at it. My plan is to finish up my commissioned work and sit and do nothing for as long as I can, then go out and buy some canvases and paint until my heart’s content and make my muse long for her next break (chuckles).

here’s something I’m working on digitally right now, I intend to paint this using acrylics or oils soon…